Labib Rahman (Founding Ambassador)

It’s long way back to the days when my parents made the time to take me to museum’s and science festival’s. A long way we’ve all come. I remember like it was yesterday, three years ago sitting in my study room, pondering away at how great it is to be exploring and learning about our world through a scientific method. But at the same time I found it difficult to accept why my friends, my neighbours and people I see on a daily basis were not intreseted in science. I was searching for an opportunity to spread my knowledge of science with the people around me. I waited and waited but no such opportunity arrived, no door opened, no path formed.

Whilst I know I want to pursue a career in science, this was not the case for many of my friends and peers. Many young people don’t know exactly what they want to do after they leave school, this is why it was important for me to create a science initiative. I want to inspire, encourage my peers from all backgrounds to develop an early interest in science and to show them the opportunities studying STEM subjects can create.

Sunday 12th of March 2017 was to the best of my knowledge, the first ever community science event in the whole of Rochdale – Rochdale Science Extravaganza 2017. The support from our community turned our event into something amazing, the event was the first of its kind in Rochdale, and from then on, I knew, we knew, it couldn’t be the last.

Days and days piled into weeks and weeks, and with more and more hard work, dedication our team brought together the next Rochdale Science Extravaganza event – Sunday 18th of March 2018. It wasn’t without its trials and tribulations, the snow from the ‘Beast from the East’ hammered down upon us and resulted in almost half our events being shutdown. It didn’t stop us though, and allowed us to learn about how the weather can make or break our day, and also how to deal with these situations. In the end, after all the work was put into place, the event turned out great, even better then we anticipated. The support was again amazing, and it’s what kept us going, made us think deeply of what we have achieved.

From then on, we really believed in what we had created; that this event could excell into something bigger then what we all originally imagined. We knew we had to grasp this opportunity at hand; so that one day, we could look from the top, knowing our flagship event has inspired hundreds from our town – and reminisce on our humble beginnings. Now our path has become more clear – Our aim is to ensure that science reaches everyone living in our community, science enters every household, and empowers every person living in Rochdale.

We’ve come so far already, but the journey is much longer. I hope you will join us and be a part of this amazing journey.