Mohammed Arshad Ali (Secretary)

The advancement of medicine and the science behind keeping people healthy and alive is what fascinates me, and is one of the driving factors of my involvement with RSI.

We are living in a time where anything is possible through science, and that is what excites me, and has pushed me to want to play a part in developing the next life saver.

It is no secret that Rochdale is not the first place you think of when the word ‘science’ is mentioned however, I believe that can be changed. There are thousands of budding scientists amongst us who simply need the right guidance to make what is a dream, become a reality.

RSI is a tool to take the curiosity of the young and help them find the answers which in turn will inspire them to become future doctors, researchers and ultimately life savers.

I have been fortunate, in that I have had the opportunity to follow my dream and become a Barrister. It is only right that I use my skills to advocate for those amongst us who have great talent however, that talent is wasted because they are unheard. I firmly believe that amongst us here in Rochdale is a young person who will rise to be the next great scientist who will research and deliver life saving medicine, all that he or she needs is for that curiosity they have to be taken seriously and that is where RSI fits in.