Mohammed Goolshad Miah (Chairman)

I think it’s fair to say that Central Ward Rochdale isn’t the most affluent area in Rochdale. Unemployment levels are always high. Local businesses struggle and the average wage is the bear minimum. A quick internet search shows Central Ward Rochdale is in the 5% most deprived area in England. This area is made up of a 95% population of South Asian origin – 45% Bangladeshi, 50% Kashmiri/Pakistani and 5% white/eastern European. For some people, that would be reason enough not to live here, or even visit.

However, in recent time’s, there is something that Central Ward Rochdale residents have been doing very well; and that is opening up their communities to the wider communities of Rochdale. It’s not just the adults but also the young, creating fun initiatives to engage, to celebrate and enjoy everything that makes the Central Ward Rochdale still a great place to live.

On a personal level, it is an honour to be the chairman of the Rochdale Science Initiative C.I.C. I am looking forward to working alongside the rest of the team, to compliment the already established community initiatives in Central Ward Rochdale. Our team will welcome and collaborate with influential community leaders, youth workers, educational institutions, cultural institutions, local science professionals and science enthusiasts to create science related initiatives that will be inspiring, skilful, and fun for all the family.

Furthermore, Rochdale Science Initiative C.I.C forthcoming initiatives will reach out to the vulnerable people of our community, those who are struggling and lacking directions. Working alongside parent’s we will strive to instil in our young people hope for a brighter future. We will do our bit to build a stronger, more inclusive communities. Communities that support the people within it to be the best they can be. A place were you can be who you are, find opportunities to develop and reach your full potential.

It is because of your genorosity and support over the years have we become more ambitious, I hope your support will remain with us in our future endeavours.