Mohammed Rahman (Founding CEO)

As parents it is paramount we are involved in all aspects of our children’s life – to nurture our children’s intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. I am very blessed to be raising a gifted child. I have learnt that the key to raising gifted children is respecting their uniqueness, opinions and ideas. The key is to establish a harmonious collaboration with our child’s strengths and the natural assets of our parenting style.

Entertaining, motivating and stimulating my gifted son with activities that catered to his creativity and intelligence ultimately lead to the creation of our flagship event; Rochdale Science Extravaganza.

The journey so far has been exciting, eye opening and truly humbling. Rochdale Science Extravaganza event has shown to the wider communities of the bourogh of Rochdale that science is not merely for the professionals nor a subject just to be taught at educational institutions, science can unite all communities and can be enjoyed by everybody.

I am very excited to be working in partnership with four other directors and a wonderful team of volunteers, we all share the same passion and vision – Collectively we will ensure our vision benefits not only the affluent and the under-represented families, but also those different in cultures and language, and those who are economically marginalised living in the bourogh of Rochdale.

I am passionate about creating initiatives that will allow both parents and their children to enjoy the spectrum of science together, and making science more accessible to the wider audience of Rochdale.

I hope you will you join and support us in dreaming a big dream, to create future generations of science enthusiasts and scientists.