Business sponsorship benefits would include:

*Your business will be acknowledged and your logo would be printed on our booklets, thousands of flyers and posters – distributed widely all across Rochdale including educational, religious and community institutions.

*Your business logo would be printed on to a premium quality roller banner, the size of 120 × 200cm. During our Extravaganza events this banner will be located onto our main stage, and would be clearly visible throughout the day.

*Your business would get mentioned on social media, event’s page and shared many times on social media. All our sponsors will be championed as a community investor on our website.

*For any further information please contact:

Mohammed – 07984638779 or Shahid – 07753166208

The Rochdale Science Initiative is a community interest company, our aim is to create inclusive science engagement opportunities for the under-represented young people and adults living in the bourogh of Rochdale.

Our vision

Inspired by a ten year old boy’s dream to share his love of science with his family, friends and community. RSI have turned this dream into our collective dream. As John Lennon said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”. Our dream is to inspire, harness and nurture a new generation of science enthusiasts and scientists from families of Rochdale, from those different in cultures and language, to those who are economically marginalised, without time nor money to expend on anything other than the basic needs of food and shelter. Our dream is to work in partnership with other communities, cultural institutions and educational institutions, professional scientists, science communicators and science enthusiasts – In order to create ample of opportunities to inspire, engage, educate and showcase the beauty of science to the under-represented families of Rochdale. We want our communities in Rochdale to be comfortable with science, and collectively as a community to raise the next generation of scientists who will be equipped to take on society’s biggest challenges and opportunities – pandemics, climate change, cyber-security, the future of cities, food security, and space exploration to name a few.